Of Shadows

1 Long Shadows

2 Come And Leave A Rose

3 In The cold

4 Yoiu’ve Been On My Mind

5 Lorca’s Roses

6 Naked For You

7 What Did I Say

8 I Don’t Belong Here

9 Hold Me now, Still Night

10 Say Goodbye

11 Mi Vida


Words and Music by Fabrizio Cammarata,
Published by Imagem Music GmbH / Edition Striker Publishing

Produced by Dani Castelar
Mixed by Dani Castelar (Valencia, Spain)
Recorded by Francesco Vitaliti, Dani Castelar, Fabio Rizzo at Indigo, 2017 (Palermo, Italy)
Mastered by Ruairi O’Flaherty, 2017 (Los Angeles, USA)
“Long Shadows” produced by Dani Castelar & Fabrizio Cammarata, mixed by Dani Castelar & Francesco Vitaliti
Additional recordings by Fernando Vacas at Eureka Studios, 2014 (Cordoba, Spain)
Additional recordings in “Lorca’s Roses” recorded in 2015

Fabrizio Cammarata: Vocals, Guitars, Pianoforte, Bass, Percussions

Donato Di Trapani: Keys, Synthesizers
Carmelo Drago: Bass
Adam Dawson: Drums

Dani Castelar: Add. Guitars  ‘Naked For You’
Martín Perna: Wind Instruments  ‘Lorca’s Roses’
Angelo Di Mino: Synthesizers, Strings  ‘Lorca’s Roses’
Management: Christoph Storbeck
Cover Artwork: Ignazio Mortellaro

Released on 800A Records through Kartel Music Group worldwide and Haldern Pop Recordings in Germany / Austria / Switzerland (LC 09219).

With the supporto of MiBACT and SIAE, program “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”


In Your Hands

1. Long Shadows

2. Hold And Stay

3. In Your Hands

4. La Llorona

Produced by Fabrizio Cammarata
Long Shadows Produced and Mixed by Dani Castelar & Fabrizio Cammarata
Recorded and mixed by Francesco Vitaliti & Fabio Rizzo at Indigo Studios (Palermo, Sicily)
Add. Recordings at Eureka Studios Cordoba by Fernando Vacas 2016
Mastered by Ruairi O’ Flaherty.

Released on 800A / Kartel Music Group and Haldern Pop Recordings

With the support of MiBACT and SIAE, program “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”


Un Mondo Raro w/ Dimartino (2017)

1. Non tornerò
2. Macorina
3. Un Mondo Raro
4. Le Cose Semplici
5. Non Son Di Qui, Non Son DI Là
6. Croce Di Addio
7. Verde Luna
8. Le ombre
9. Andiamo Via
10. Pensami

Produced by Fabrizio Cammarata & Antonio Di Martino

Recorded in Mexico City at AT Studios by Francesco Vitaliti and in Palermo at Indigo Studios by Francesco Vitaliti & Fabio Rizzo.
Mixed in Palermo at Indigo Studios by Francesco Vitaliti & Fabio Rizzo

Antonio Di Martino: vocals, classical guitar
Fabrizio Cammarata: vocals, trés cubano
Juan Carlos Allende e Miguel Peña (“Los Macorinos”): classical guitars
Settimo Serradifalco: upright bass
Salvo Compagno: percussions
Angelo Trabace: piano
Alessandro Presti: trumpet
Angelo Di Mino: cello
Francesco Incandela: violin
Serena Ganci e Angelo Sicurella: background vocals


Skint And Golden w/ Paolo Fuschi (2014)
1. My Salvation
2. I’ll be there again
3. Shine
4. Can’t you see me
5. War will soon be over
6. Shona
7. Tuesday
8. Radio

Music, lyrics and arrangements by Francesco Fuschi & Fabrizio Cammarata

Fabrizio Cammarata – Voice, Backing Vocals
Francesco “Paolo” Fuschi – Guitar, Choirs, Backing Vocals
Justin Shearn – Keys, Backing Vocals
Matt Owens – Bass
Adam Dawson – Drums

Recorded by Justin Shearn and Francesco Vitaliti at 80 Hertz, Manchester (UK)
Mixing and additional recordings by Fabio Rizzo and Francesco Vitaliti at 800A Studio, Palermo (IT)
Mastered by Hannes Jaeckl, Vasoldsberg (AT)
Recorded, mixed and mastered between May and December 2013


Rooms (2011)

1. All I Know
2. Alone & Alive
3. Misery
4. Down Down
5. Aberdeen Lane
6. Mount Pellegrino
7. Myriam
8. Pole Kitoto
9. Me And The Rain
10. Highlake Bay

Music and Lyrics by Fabrizio Cammarata

Produced by JD Foster
Mastered by Hannes Jaeckl
Executive Producer: Fabrizio Cammarata

Recorded in
Sicily Sonoria Studios Scordia, Bisacquino, The Box , The Cave
by Vincenzo Cavalli, Fabio Rizzo, JP Passalacqua, Daniele Grasso
US Brooklyn Recording (Brooklyn, NY) by Ben Liscio,
Jackpot! Recording Studio (Portland, OR) by Kendra Lynn,
Wavelab Recording Studio (Tuscon, AZ) by Chris Schultz;

Mixed at Jackpot! Recording Studio (Portland, OR) by JD Foster and Fabrizio Cammarata
Assistant: Kendra Lynn

Fabrizio Cammarata: Vocals, Guitars, Pianos, Percussions
Fabio Rizzo: Electric Guitars, Slide, Dobro
JD Foster: Bass
John Riggio: Bass
Fabio Finocchio: Drums
Ferdinando Piccoli: Drums
Joey Burns: Bass, Cello, Accordion, Vocals
Rosario Punzo: Tabla, Congas & additional percussions
Jairo Zavala: Guitars & electric sitar
Claudia della Gatta: Cello
Janet Lee: additional Cello
Salvo Compagno: Frame drums and additional percussions
Anna Coogan: Backing vox


The Second Grace (2007)

1. Antananarive
2. Rainbow As My Hat
3. Like A Juliet
4. Away From The Lions
5. Nobody Knows
6. Sapphire
7. I’m Gonna Miss You
8. Cashmere Sofa
9. I Am A Newborn Child
10. The Sand In My Eyes
11. Papageno
12. Little Boy Sayin’
13. Your Key
14. Want You No More

All songs written by Fabrizio Cammarata, arranged by The Second Grace

Recorded and mixed at Sonoria Studio Rec, Scordia (CT) by Vincenzo Cavalli

Fabrizio Cammarata: Vocals and guitars
Fabio Rizzo: Electric slide guitars
John Riggio: Bass
Fabio Finocchio: Drums and Percussions

Claudia Della Gatta: Cello
Franco Barresi: Congas and Hung
Manfredi Bruno: Hammond B3 Organ
Daniele Tesauro: Accordion